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Spring Season Canceled

(As of 04/30/20) Based on information we had received last week from both the IWSL and YSSL we were optimistic that our teams would be competing in both leagues starting June 1. Unfortunately, both leagues sent us a note last Friday communicating that they are cancelling their spring games.  We are extremely disappointed in this outcome and understand you likely are as well.


With that, it is still our intent to offer our kids a training program that would be a close equivalent to what the spring training would have been under normal circumstances when we are allowed to do so. We plan to begin this training on June 15 and conclude July 9.  Each team will have a 1 ½ hrs training session, M-Th for a total of (16) sessions. The training sessions have been designed to focus on individual skill and fitness and will not allow the kids to come within six feet of each other during any of the time.


While we certainly understand this was not your expectation for how the spring season was to unfold this year, if you choose not to participate in the training program, we will be offering a refund to those families. As noted in our updates, the refund will be commensurate with the refunds we are granted from the spring tournaments and leagues we had already registered with. We expect at this point full refunds from the tournaments; however we expect our refunds from both leagues to be significantly less than the fees we paid. As more information is available, we will pass that along to everyone.


Given the current suspension of activities we will not be holding our traditional tryouts, however it is extremely important for everyone that had planned to tryout to register as you usually would no later than May 10. This is critical for our 2020/21 planning purposes and team formation. As always, please feel free to extend the same information to all family, friends and neighbors that are looking to play competitive travel soccer or changing teams.


Spring Season 2020

(As of 04/22/20) The Illinois Youth Soccer Association, in conjunction with the US Youth Soccer association, have decided to delay the start for spring soccer activities until May 15th at the earliest.  Subsequently, both the Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL) and Young Sportsmen’s Soccer League (YSSL) communicated the same.


YSSL then initiated a poll for all members inquiring about preparedness to begin the season June 1.  We communicated that Green White would be prepared to participate in the spring season at that time.  Should the YSSL move forward with their season then, we assume the IWSL would also.  So at this point, we are expecting the spring season games to begin June 1.


However we also understand that in order for that to happen, state and local governments would have to align in their perspectives that relief of the shelter in place orders wouldn’t pose risk of straining our healthcare system capacity.


We will adhere to our governing officials as it relates to our upcoming soccer activities and hope that we are able to see you all soon on the soccer fields.  If it is ultimately determined that the spring season is cancelled, we will develop a refund and credit policy that is commensurate with both leagues registration refunds and the volume of soccer activities we can organize before the fall season arrives.


As it relates to our upcoming fall season and 2020/21 cycle, it’s hard to believe that our tryout process would typically be upon us.  Given all that is going on, we are not be able to conduct tryouts until May 15 given the IYSA mandate.  However, for planning purposes, we would greatly appreciate it if everyone would register for tryouts as you usually would.  This carries no commitment but it does give us an understanding for potential participation numbers over the next year.  Registration can be done through our website:


As always anything/everything you can do to help invite your friends, families and neighbors to join us, is greatly appreciated.  Your positive words regarding the club is the best advertising imaginable.


Wishing you all good health and hoping to see everyone very soon at Majewski Park!


Yesterday (March 12,2020) , Illinois Youth Soccer Association, Young Sportsman’s Soccer League and Illinois Women’s Soccer League announced suspension of all soccer activities through April 15. As such, we will follow along with those guidelines with the intent of slowing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that all Green White Soccer events (practices, games, friendlies and meetings) will be cancelled until then at the very least.


We are watching and monitoring the proliferation of this virus daily with you all. Hopefully the actions being taken in our country and communities today, slow the spread of COVID-19 to an acceptable rate for our healthcare system to keep up with emerging cases.


We do not have enough information at this point to understand how long this suspension will be in place. We will stay in close contact with IYSA, YSSL and IWSL to understand if our spring season will be simply delayed or cancelled. Should the season be canceled, we will develop a refund policy that is commensurate with both leagues registration refunds and the volume of soccer activities we can organize once the pandemic is over and before the fall season arrives.


As more information becomes available, we will pass word to all of our Green White families. In the meantime, best of health to everyone and please continue to strictly follow the practices identified by the CDC to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 through our communities.

Team Members: Ashley Adams, Michaela Donohue, Lilianna Duckmann, Mackenzie Folkers, Melissa Gomez, Claudia Kadzielawa, Sarah Magnoni, Greta Martin, Alexa Mitka, Vanessa Reyes, Maddie Roppel, Lauryn Schneider, Kristin Schneider, Kristina Suto, Isabelle Suto, Natalie Trytko, Marissa Valentini, Dylan Van Fleet, Ashley Welk 

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