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Travel Registration

Registration for 2020/2021 Travel Program

(for those not previously registered for fall 2020)

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Illinois Bone and Joint Institute

Indoor Winter training Camp!

Click here to register for our fall 2020 indoor winter training camp!

Winter/Spring 2021 Update

These are our current updates and information regarding our upcoming seasons. These updates are subject to change. Come back here for changes, or check your email for more information.

  • Winter session   The Club is working with MPPD to identify an outdoor, turf, training location (likely Prospect High School).  This would likely be Monday and Thursday evenings.  I will send details as they become clearer, but assume we DO NOT have practice until further notice is provided.  It is our intention to have the kids on a field as soon as possible.
  • Spring Season.  Believe it or not we are already in the planning stages for the upcoming Spring season.  For team formation purposes, we need everyone to communicate their intention to Mostafa Edders, Kelli Weinberg AND Lynn Buritica as soon as possible.  For budgetary purposes, we expect the spring fees to be $450.  We will forward a registration link as soon as we have it set up.
  • Spring Season (ALTERNATE).  Should YSSL and/or IWSL not conduct a spring season, we will be organizing a Spring tournament season program for those interested.  Conceptually, this would consist of each team participating in a tournament each month.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Mostafa, Kelli and Lynn.  (Director of Coaching)  (Girls Director)  (Boys Director)


Important: Green White Fall Season Update

In compliance with the Governor’s declaration on Wednesday, July 29, we will not be participating in the IWSL and YSSL fall leagues.  We are disappointed in this recent development.  However we will be offering a fall soccer program (that will be in compliance with our sports standing as a medium risk sport able to participate at level 2).  Our program will include two (1 ½ hours) training sessions per week and inter-team scrimmages (1 ½ hours) on Saturdays for ten weeks at Majewski Park.

The training program will mirror the summer training program that was completed in July.  The cost for the fall program will be $400 per player.  We will provide the fall program schedule details and registration link next week.


-          Uniforms cannot be refunded as they have already been purchased.

-          Any family that has chosen the monthly payment plan, you have already paid $400 and we will stop all future payments immediately.

-          Any family that has chosen an alternate payment plan, we will stop all future payments and refund the difference between $400 and what you have paid.

-          Any family that has paid for the 2020/21 season in full will be refunded the difference between $400 and what you have paid.

-          Any family that has paid for the 2020/21 season and does not want to participate in the fall training will be refunded the full amount already paid.

As we have all come to expect the unexpected, of course these plans are based on what is known today.  Should things change we will alter our plans accordingly and communicate that out immediately.  The safety of our kids is our top priority and we will strictly follow the guidelines set forth by IDPH and IYSA.

Team Members: Ashley Adams, Michaela Donohue, Lilianna Duckmann, Mackenzie Folkers, Melissa Gomez, Claudia Kadzielawa, Sarah Magnoni, Greta Martin, Alexa Mitka, Vanessa Reyes, Maddie Roppel, Lauryn Schneider, Kristin Schneider, Kristina Suto, Isabelle Suto, Natalie Trytko, Marissa Valentini, Dylan Van Fleet, Ashley Welk 

Director of Coaching: Mostafa Edders

For questions contact Mostafa Edders at 

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